Auto fill "full name" in Users collection"

Instead of asking my users to fill 3 fields (first name, last name, and full name), I’d like to have them fill the first two, and then automatically fill the “full name” field.

I can do this when they edit their existing profile, by making “full name” an automatic field and using magic text to pull from the first and last name fields.

But how can I fill that field when they first create their profile? The first and last name fields won’t actually exist until they save the form.

I’d appreciate any ideas!

Hey there @MikesClub

Here’s how:

Use the first and last name inputs to fill in the “Full Name” parameter. This way, you can use the first name, last name, and full name separately throughout the app. Just be sure to put a space between the first and last name in the full name parameter.


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