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I’ve had this problem for days now and I was working on it for LITERAL HOURS,
I am making an application with 2 sides, a side where you offer help and the other where you ask for help,
The problem is, when I want to make the page that creates post for each one of these categories, I want to set up automatically that when the user creates a post via THIS PAGE, it directly goes to the “I want to help” side, but it’s always marked as empty, I don’t know what to do please help me.


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Can you post some screenshots of how you have set this up so we can take a look at that and advise what needs to be changed.

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I am sorry for taking so long I didn’t see your response
These are the screenshots

  1. This is the page for users asking for help

  2. This is the page where people offer help

  3. This is the modal that you get when you press the ADD button

What I want to achieve is when someone posts using the “Je propose de l’aide” page, the post directly shows up in the “Users offering help” section and vice versa

  1. THis is the screen shot of “Create an ad” page

I don’t know what to do, only “Empty” shows up as a value, I want “Aide” to be automatically affected

Thank you so much,

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How is Aide ou Besoin set up in the collection ?

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Hey @elkhiar and @Colin, I am stuck in exactly same situation… I am working on app where users will “give” or “ask” for items.

I want to automatically set the item category to “givng” or “asking”, so I have linked the action button to a modal - where a user would select “give” or “ask”, and then get directed to either “giving form page” or “asking form page”. It all works fine but when I try to set up automatic field to select either “giving” or “asking” category, I don’t get the option.

Am I missing something obvious or is it a bug? Please help :pray::pray::pray:


Create New Item Form
Automatic Field: Category - Empty, Value Empty

Database setup:

Hi Colin.
Any solution found for this pb ?
I have exactly the same… And saw many others like this on the forum.
Thanks kfor your answer.