Users "FULL NAME" is duplicating

Hello, I recently changed the layout of my app interface, and ever since simply moving some components around, users full names now duplicate anytime a post is made. I have deleted and re added the component a ton of times, check the list, looked for groups. I’ve went to other copies that I have saved, and the filters are exactly the same and they don’t do this. Filters are the same for the username, and it doesn’t do this. I have no idea what this could be. If anyone knows what this issue might be, please give me a shout!


Hi @Skuccy,

Do you have another user record matching the same full name in the users collection? Try adding 1 in the maximum number of items section in the list!

And also what you need a list here? You are using a One to Many relationship between posts and users collection right? ( A user can have many posts and a post can have a one user ) Then you can just simply add current post > user’s > full name on a text component that is inside the list with magic text!

Thank you

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