Auto Toggle switch

I’m using the toggle witch from the component market place. When the user presses the toggle; instead of the toggle being the activator, it pops up a module screen that acts as the activator. This module has a “yes continue” and no go back. When the user taps on yes continue it does what the toggle should should do, however this module is a warning giving the user a chance to go back in case the warning turns them away from toggling. When the user taps “no go back” it should make the toggle display off from it being in an on state. At this time when the user hits no go back, it doesn’t turn the toggle off.

In this module screen you see the new store toggle (bottom toggle) activated which brought up the module screen. When the user taps “yes,update” it does the actual update. When the user taps “not now” it’s currently goes back to previous screen but leaves the toggle activated. How do I make that not now button on the module turn off that toggle?

Any advice?

I apologize for any repetitiveness. Been up for over 12 hours driving a tow truck and working on the app.

Hi @Zwood,

In you Database to which true/false property the switches are connected? In your Go Back button you can add a Update action that you update that property to false!

Thank you

I will give this a shot. In the toggle settings where it says “what’s does this toggle” nothing is selected because the user needs to see the warning before they 100% commit to it.

@dilon_perera your suggestion worked. I just had to add a another true/false field in the database