Auto-width not working

Hi Everyone!
I´mm having some issues regarding the auto auto-witdth feature in a text component.
Despite it is selected, I cannot get the full string displayed in my app.
Please notice in the attached images that the full word I need to be displayed (coming from magic text) is “Indumentaria” (with out quotes).
Can you please help me with that??

I wouldn’t worry too much about the auto-width feature, and instead drag the size of the text component to be much wider, and then make sure to drag it to the centre (with the centre line guide displaying as you drop it).

Hi @theadaloguy, Thx a lot or your response. I can do so, but I’d rather not. My app has more than one instance where the auto width would be very useful. Do you know if the auto-width feature is failing or am I doing something wrong?
Thx in advance!

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