Automatic notifications based on a date

Ciao a tutti!
In my app I would like to trigger automatic notifications based on dates. I have a DB that collects a number of dates (dates are linked to a DB called ‘Waste’ and users are linked to it via a DB called ‘Location’) and I would like precisely that the user be notified via a push notification.

I can imagine that you would have to make use of an external tool such as Zapier or Integromat, which would query the date DB and send the notification to those users whose date is linked.

Adalo (List records) > ??? (Extracts the information of today’s date) > ??? (Send notifications with information to users connected to that date).

Looking at the videos on notifications, I didn’t find anything to avoid the above step, or did I?

Thank you for anyone who wants to help me better understand this process.

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