Automatic shutdown of the application

Yesterday, without any action on my part, the app just closed and only shows the loading screen.
Tell me what can happen?
It looks like all the links in the account have gone astray.
Maybe someone has already encountered?

Hi @Aquarius,

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You can’t access your app now and you only see a loading screen? Is this on Native or PWA?

Thank you

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PWA, after a long load it gives an error: not found.

Are you viewing with your phone or desktop/laptop?

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And from the phone, and from the laptop does not show. Inside the editor “PREVIEW” does not work either.

Your editor loads fine right? Can we have the link of your app to test that on our side? ( If you don’t need to share in public you can send me a DM )

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The editor works, just without a preview.
Here is the link: AQUARIUS

This is what I see :

Can you send a image of what you see too?

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That’s right, here’s what I have:

In our local Adalo community, some complain about the same problem. Could it be related to territoriality?

My guess would be it’s because your app ID is not there and only!

Can you click the below link and try again?

I tried the same link from other devices, it doesn’t load anywhere, but for some reason it works fine for you.

That’s weird! I suggest to Submit a Support Ticket

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I sent, they are silent for now. Thank you very much for your participation :slightly_smiling_face:

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