Automatically creating events when submitting a form


I’m having trouble figuring something out. I’m creating a calendar application, but with some certain features. One feature I want to add, but I’m not quite sure how to achieve this within Adalo, is the following:

To add a deadline as an event- via a form (Events is a collection with objects name, start time, end time). In this form you are able to input how many hours you need to work on the deadline for, and the amount of sessions you want to to this in. When submitted, the app needs to find empty spots in your calender to insert these sessions. So when submitted, the app creates x amount of events (based on the amount of sessions inputted by the user in the form) in the calender where there is time free. So the app needs to check the Events collection for when certain times are not occupied, and automatically create new Events, also based on how many hours is needed based on the input from the user.

It could be the case that this is too complex, but if anyone has an idea how to make this work let me know :smile:

Thanks in advance!

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