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I am trying to make a form so when you edit that form it will update another form a user has already created. For example lets say there was a form a user filled out where they said the event was 5/3/21. Then a day later the user wanted to change the date to something else. How could the user update a form that they have already created? I have tried to make another form that updates the previous one the user created but it does not work. Is this possible to do? Thank you so much!

Hi Jack,

To better understand this, let’s rephrase this to account for what’s happening in Adalo. I’m going to make a few presumptions on how your app works, I’ll try and call those out as I explain.

First, when a user creates an event (when they submit the original form), make sure they’re added as the event “owner” or some other relationship field to the event.

Then you’ll have a list of events that user has created (events owner = logged in user). If they click on an event, it’ll take them to an edit form where they can update the event.

A few notes:

  • You need a list of events so they can select the event they want to update. An event form by itself doesn’t tell Adalo which record to update, so it won’t allow you to update a record, only create a new one.
  • How you let user’s edit events is up to you. Normally I put an action button on the event screen with an edit icon and change the visibility so it’s only visible if the logged in user created the event.

Hope that helps!

Thanks for the help! Quick question, how do you make the logged in user who made the event the event owner? Thanks!


You need a field related to users (an event can have one user, a user can have many events). When the create event form is submitted, add the current user to that field.

Thank you it worked!!

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