Automation problem, creating multiple records


I need help with Zapier please.

I have four collection :

Trips templates linked and filled with multiple activities templates. I would like to be able that when a user create a trip, from a trips template, it automaticaly create the number of activities,with the same caracteristics from the activities templates linked with the trip template used.

I tried in Zapier but can figure it out…

Could you help me please?


I don’t think you need zapier to accomplish this.

You have a list of trips that contain activities. When a user creates the trip, it automatically attaches the activities to the user’s trip, correct?

If that’s the case, I have a solution.

Yes i have like a template of trip with standard activities linked to it. I would like for a User A (admin) to be able to create trip from the template but with some activities’ caracteristics that are common among users and some that can be modified/personalised,if it is for user B or C etc.

For exemple, the template is for a Trip to Country (France) with Three activities (wine tour, visit the louvre, boat trip).Some caracterisics like the place won’t change however I would like the activities not to be shared among all clients so that the admin can personnalised some of the activities caracteristics (price, hours etc).

Here you go:

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First of all , congrats, your video are really enjoyable to watch and very explicite.

Your video solved half of my problem which is assigned collections to others collections.

I would also like to automate the task creation : In your video, the 17 tasks added were already created by the user A, aren’t they?

I would like to automate the creation of those 17 tasks, based on a template for exemple. If in the model there are 17 tasks , then clone those 17 tasks and assigned them to the users as you show in the video.

PS: the lootie + countdown combo is sick! I will add it to my app ASAP

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I have a total of 17 tasks in the task collection, I’m sure you’ll have many more activities in your activities collection with combinations of relationships between the trips. The tasks are already created so that the users know what to do. The user does not create the tasks. They are simply assigned to the website with many-to-many relationships. “Completed tasks” and “incomplete tasks”.

The user owns websites. The websites own tasks. Tasks do not even have a user relationship in my scenario since the website has those 2 relationships with the tasks.

You can set specific activities for the trip by filtering the list that contains the countdown timer on the loading screen. It doesn’t have to be all activities like in my example how I have all tasks.

& thank you! Glad you’re enjoying the videos :sunglasses:

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