Countdown inconsistently completing actions

Hi. I am creating a spiritual formation app where users can select different “saint guides” that have various “disciplines” under them. The idea is that when a user selects a specific guide (e.g. Saint Francis) a pre-created list of disciplines is then assigned to that user, so he/she can review them daily and mark them as complete.

The issue I’m running into is when using the countdown timer + actions to generate the list of disciplines and corresponding actions. It works fine (although very slow) the first time I select a saint and generate the list, but when going to another saint and generating a second list, it stalls out and won’t navigate to the next page.

How it works:

  • I followed @Flawless tutorial on adding a collection of items to another collection:
    Automation problem, creating multiple records - #4 by Flawless
  • so when you select “Create Guide” it has an action that creates an “Assigned Guide” (collection) and assigns it to the user
  • This then directs to a loading page which has a list of “Disciplines” (collection) that belong to that guide.
  • A countdown exists on this list with an action to update the discipline to add the current Assigned Guide to “Incomplete Assigned Guides” column within the Disciplines collection.
  • Another countdown exists that is Sometimes Visible when the number of Incomplete Disciplines is equal to the total number of Disciplines belonging to that Saint, at which time it links to another screen called “My Disciplines”

Can anyone help identify the inconsistency in why:

  1. the actions take a long time to execute (over 10 seconds in most cases) and
  2. the second time (and thereafter) I click “Select Saint” to generate a Guide, it does not complete the actions.

Here’s are two videos illustrating the issue. I would be so thankful for any help you can provide!


Check the “advanced settings” for the list of disciplines with the countdown timers and disable the “Load Items as User Scrolls” option.

See if that does the trick.

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There is a countdown on this list with an action to update the discipline and add the current Assigned Guide to the Disciplines collection’s “Incomplete Assigned Guides” column.

Thanks @Flawless , updating this setting seems to have definitely improved load time! However, I’m still experiencing the (bug?) when I create a second Assigned Guide during the same session – the second timer (which navigates to the next page) doesn’t show up after all of the disciplines load, so the user is stuck on the loading page.

I have it set up so that the second button is sometimes visible if:
current assigned guide > incomplete disciplines >count
is equal to
current saint > disciplines > count

This issue does not occur if I choose the same saint on the second time, only when selecting a different one. Note they have a different number of disciplines.
Any idea why it won’t load when creating the second Assigned Guide?

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