Copying Collection Records using API

How do you can you copy records in a collection, including the relationships? I know there’s a way to do so using APIs and an outside tool like Integromat. Would anyone mind posting a video or some tips? Also, I’m new to using APIs. Are there any good general resources for learning how to use them with Adalo apps? Thanks!


Can you explain a bit more in detail on what you mean by copy? Where do you want to save the data once copied?

If you can explain the use case in detail, it’ll be easier for the community to assist you.


Absolutely. I’m creating six week weight loss coaching programs for my clients. Each program has 6 weeks, each week has 7 days, and each day has a lesson and some action items to complete. I would like to create a “template program” built for the average client that I can then just duplicate for each client and make any adjustments necessary.

So one example of the copying I’m talking about is duplicating a program within the programs collection. I would like the copy to have a different name, but still have the same weeks as the original.

Does that help or can I give further clarification?

@Colin, I know you’ve helped me with this before, could you just give a few reminders?