Autoplaying Video Playlist

Does anyone know how to create a video playlist?
I want to create a playlist which has multiple video URLs and once one video has completed playing the next one automatically starts playing.

Something like this been done?

Hi @AndrewOwen,
You could play multiple videos with the Plyr Video component.
On the Plyr Video component, simply add multiple video URLs in the text files labelled “Video file URL(s)”
Note: Press the Return key on your keyboard after each individual URL.

Isn’t this different qualities of the video? E.g. 576p, 720p.

I don’t want different qualities. I want the ability to add different videos…

This is adding multiple videos.

No it isn’t. This is adding the same video with multiple versions.



Recipe to create a automatic video player :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

  1. Create a collection & add some fields like File Picker, video time, video Id (assign video id as 1,2,3...)

  2. Create last video id property in users collection

  3. Take Plyr Video player > Make a list > set the maximum limit = 1 also set filter > current video id is equal to logged in user last video id

  4. Take countdown > drop under the Plyr video player list > connect the countdown with current video > video time > add an action when countdown finish update the logged in user > last video id to current video id + 1

I hope this will help.


This actually works! Thanks so much mate.

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