Player video action

Is there a way to use “action” at the end of a video with the video plyr.
There is the possibility vith the audio player but i don’t find it with the video one.

If not, any work around ?

Unfortunately, there is not a way currently to add an action to the end of the Plyr Video component.

Workarounds don’t work well in this instance since the video loading/buffering times may not align well with timers.

Like if we put countdown timers to track the video’s duration, if the video buffers for 2-3 seconds while playing, the countdown timer would fire before the end of the video.

Thank you.

So sad. It should be possible to add an action because the vertical video (nocodemonkey) allows it.

Do you know other player videos for adalo (excepted plyr video and nocodemonkey one) ?

The only other one that I know of is the YouTube player but that only has an action when pressing play.

I would recommend reaching out to @Michael as he was the one that created the vertical video component.

Maybe he can create a new horizontal/landscape video component with your requirements. I would imagine that this would not be cheap though.

Yes and no… Yes, it is something that I would recommend to be added to the component. No, because they were both created by completely different developers. @Michael created the component recently, it’s rather new. The Plyr Video component has been around for much, much longer.

Since Michael has been developing components for a while, I would assume that he took this into consideration when making the new vertical video component.

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