🐒 Autosave Text Input | New Component from NoCode Monkey

Hey Everyone!!

A new component from NoCode Monkey!! :monkey:

Autosave Text Input

  • Text saves when you click outside input
  • Character Count and/or Word Count option
  • Number mode triggers Number Pad in iOS or Android.
  • Single/Multi Line option, Max Character

See Demo
Device Detector (26)

Let me know if you have any questions!!


Love it Michael. Love your components.

Just thinking it would be great to have the text input box to auto size as the input increases. The Adalo Scroll within input area is fine, but sometimes you wanna see everything you have typed. Trivial comment, but I have had a need for that in the past.

keep up the good work with these!!!


Interesting. Thanks for the feedback.
We could definitely do something like this if its something you are needing.

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I reported a bug about two state button via the bug report option on the store page. Did you get the email? Any idea how to fix that?

Hey @scientist,
Yeah, we got your message yesterday.
I’ll follow up with you via DM.

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@Michael - I’m with @iAppsNi -
Autosize on text input would be a big improvement for common text uses like chat. If this isn’t tough to include, I believe it would be widely adopted.

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if you send the text to a data base as in you create a new record using the text, will the text remain in the input or refresh and disappear like the standard text input? I am currently trying to find a way to keep a text in the input after creating a new collection using the text but it doesnt seem to be working. even when setting the default value it doesnt stay. it only stays if i click dont create a new record or only update a record with it but other than that it always disappears after creating a record.

Thank you but it doesnt fit into the context that im trying to use it in. I am trying to have an user create their own workout program and in the text input i want them to put their meso cycle goal. and once it is saved as a record i want the text to save there, so would the component from nocode monkey allow the text to stay there even after the user has clicked out of the box and away from the screen? would they still see that text for that specific program?

Hi @sami,

As I see there are 2 questions mixed here - (1) autosave a value from the input using component from @Michael or workaround by myself and (2) how to keep the text in the input after creating a record.

If you’re talking about regular input (not a form), then the easiest way to make sure the text remains is to add an action: Other → Change input Value → select the input → put a value you need to be there using a magic text.
You can add this action as a next one after DB record creation.

Hope this helps.


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hey, ive tried that method too and still running into the same issue. ive even played around with changing the order of the actions around and the source of the magic text but it still defaults to placeholder text, or default value that isnt what the user had input, after creating a record. the only way the input’s stay is if it is an update record but that does not create a record for the user as i need it to

im just gonna add all the database i wanted to make onto the users collection already although it will make it very large it seems like the easiest workaround to update an already existing record. could there be some component made or could the existing text input components be edited in code so that they do not refresh after the data is sent to a newly created recrod?

When they create the record save it in the Database and there ( In The input ) and they can Update ?

Yes even doing that it doesn’t save after creating a record. Don’t know if it’s a glitch for me or what but I have to just put all the data I wanted to record into the user database and update it so it stays. It’s an MVP so I can afford to do these tedious work around but when building the full all I have to get custom code because the basic no code features don’t jive with the complexity of the platform I’m trying to build.

Hi @Victor I’m building an educational app where users are answering writing prompts and questions, and I do want the keep the text in the input after they have created a record.

I can get a regular input to save to a collection, that works.

Can you talk a bit more about how to make “the text stay in the input box” with your workaround? Thanks so much!!

If you use a text input instead if a form, the text are automatically saved when you re-visit the page again

Amazing! Thank you. Will this work across all users? The follow up question is what happens if we want to be able to export the data they’ve entered.


this data can be stored in a database collection and you can install the csv file of it

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I had bought this component but now is missing from my tab, any idea?«

Yes, it’s called something different. It’s called Character Count Input I think now.


Yeah, @iAppsNi is right. It’s still there. Just the name was change to make it easier to understand. Plus, we added a magic text option which is pretty cool. So you don’t have to save the data every time.