Text disappears after toggling

Is this a bug? After I enter text and toggle an item the text disappears in the element above.
CleanShot 2022-05-31 at 04.35.26

I think it’s reloading the frame and the text hasn’t saved.
Test it with a button to update the record before toggling.

If that is the case then you could try the Autosave input by Nocode Monkey.

Do you have an action attached to the toggle? For instance like Creating something?


Michael :ok_hand:

After I checked J’s app he has a Create action on the toggle! I think he added a create action there to update the record true/false property to true or false when toggling! I deleted that Create action and created a true/false property in the Users collection and connected that to the toggle and on the final button ( SAVE button ) I added that Create action and for the true/false property I added that Logged in user true/false property!

Made a video : Input and Toggle.mp4 - Google Drive

Thank you


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