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Im building an app for teaching lessons but neither of my developers have been able to deliver and both insist that what I need is impossible through Adalo. It shouldn’t be though because it jsut seems so darn simple and necessary. I want my teachers to be able to set broad continuous hours of availability (ie. Monday 9am-4pm, Tuesday 3pm-9pm, etc) and then have students be able to choose what times they will come. Instead what we’ve been able to come up with is horribly impractical, especially on the teachers side. As it stands, teachers have to make individual blocks of lessons with times at most 5 weeks in advance. I just want something with a similar layout to Airbnb for example, simple quick and easy. If anyone has had success setting up something like this please leave a comment. Also as a paying subscriber is there any way we can get the Adalo team to work on this if there is currently no solution? Thanks guys

What makes it tough is because no translation from day of the week to datetime, we need to construct the whole calendar things, this is intense.

As a workaround, maybe, your developer try to have predefine day of the week in the coming weeks manually, so it looks like unattractive.

If you compare to tech giants, we are no match, but it is still something, to have a more useful and interactive app in our hand.

I would suggest you go ahead with workaround, until you can build your own calendar that convert day of the week from datetime.

Hi David,

What you can do is have a collection of available times (8am - 8pm, weekdays, 30 min interval blocks).

Have teachers select each slot they want to be available for the next week, which will create an available timeslot for students to book. They will have to repeat this every week to create the new timeslots.

This isn’t an issue the Adalo team can fix, because it isn’t a bug. It’s how databases work and you need to create the logic to create bookings in the future, which is quite complex.

I’ll try to make a video about this in the future. We have quite a few booking app videos on YT, which could help.

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Very Nice. Thanks for the video.

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