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Hello Adalo community
I am trying to set up this system, maybe you would help me, in these photos there is on the one hand the Doctors users who will be able to select a time slot indefinitely on and on the one hand the client users can see and select time slots that doctors are available.

Hello, sure. Can you please provide Information about the issues that you’re experiencing?

Thank you!

Hello Ali,
j’ai pas de probleme, je cherche plutot a mettre ca en place.
est ce que faisable? le User Doctor peut ratifier un horaire global sur toute l’année ou definitivement pour eviter de le charger de set up chaque mois ou chaque jour ou chaque semaine

Hello, how are you, I made several reservation apps with slots… you have to work with the databases and conditions.

Now I am making the app from scratch for a client who is a driving school so that each user can see the free shifts that each teacher has… when selecting the shift that schedule is blocked and if you cancel that shift it is available again…

yes… for the side Client it’s simple to do,
the problem is in the teacher part…
i want my teacher to set definitely a schedule for year

Hi @Stigfingers ,

There should be predefined records in collection that span the entire period of the calendar shown.

To create predefined records can be done using loop process that is helped by counter collection which is simply running number inside it, the field is number, the content are 1,2,3…

Thank YonGki …

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