Avoid duplicate in count?

Hi Guys,

I hope I’m lucky someone has a solution for this :pray:

Use Case
Users can create activities in the database that they want to do on a regular basis and register when they do.

I would like to show the user his activity for a 30 day period:

  1. How many times he did a specific activity.
  2. How many days that he did a specific activity.

I’m able to solve no 1, by showing the amount of times he does the activity, like this:

My Problem
But as the user can do the activity as many times as he wants pr day, I’m not sure how to show the count of days he did the activity in the same period.

My own thought was to maybe add a duplicate property on the activity and then filter on that when making the count, but how I check if an activity has already been made on a specific date and update that attribute when creating the activity I dont know how to do.

Any ideas for that or other ways of solving this?

Thanks a lot for taking the time to help :pray: :slight_smile:

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