List Filtering Issue

I have a list where users can choose activities to sign up for. That list is pulling from a database that has a property that shows the requested amount of users they want to sign up for. Once a user signs up, it drops their username into another property. By doing this, I can show use a count function to show how many users have signed up and show on the list (I.E. 0/2 users signed up). What I am now trying to do is add in some filtering so that item activity only shows if there are still spots remaining.

I thought this would be as easy as adding in a filter that has this argument but the option does not exist. I can add the count of the signed up users as one side of the filter argument but I cannot add the requested # of users as the other side of the argument. See screenshot below.

Any ideas on how to make this work?

I would do :
“Long Travel Bus” “activity” needs 2 Bus drivers.
I would make another collection “ACTIVITY” beside the USER collection:

  • Activity name / needed users / actual users / emailA / EmailsB
  • Long travel Driver / 2 / 0 / empty / empty

UserA 1 logs in and choose…
“Long travel” is displays (among other activities)
for now Long travel = 0 (drivers)
UserA click on “Button Driver1”, (Adds himself to this activity)
“Long travel” now displays… = 1 Driver (1 more missing) / userA@email / empty

UserB; logs in and subscribes to the same activity. Now Bus drivers = 2. / userB@email completed
run filter : if needed bus driver = bus drivers subscribded
Send Email (or whatever form of message) to EmailA and B = “Hello you have another driver ready to go.” contact : EmailA/B
*you would need tome Date to reset each activity …at some moment
and voila…
:fire_engine: :fire_engine: :fire_engine: :fire_engine: :fire_engine: :fire_engine:

Not exactly what I am doing and I am afraid it would take me too much time to try to explain. Thanks for the help though.

no problem, with more complicated script you ve got to try to create it as far as you can…then share screens if ever needed then

I’d be happy to zoom screen share It’s all built. just hard for me to convey.

if interested, let me know.

so you mean its buit …and working as you’d liked…or still some issues ?