Has anyone figured out how to count how many times a user uses it?

Has anyone figured out a way to count how many times a users uses their app?
I was hoping to attach an action to the login button on the login screen, but users, once logged in, don’t have to log in very often.
I then thought to add a ‘count’ action to the home screen, but that would count how many times they go to the home screen and not count each time they use/open the app…

My ultimate aim is to use this acculated value to recognise and reward behaviour (20 logins = prize, 6mth / 1yr anniversary = we make a fuss of you etc)

Any thoughts??

Hi @msmurfitt ,

My thought might come from others or similar to them, but here is my take.

Create collection of daily usage, which its properties are

  1. day in numbers, which is start of today - offset your timezone and put INT() function for them
  2. counters for saving how many counts that day a user come to the home screen, if it is 0, then they don’t use the app that day
  3. At the home screen, put countdown and make list of that collection, and the finished action is to update counter to be counter+1

About offset your timezone, my formula is this (24-timezone)/24, but you can experiment by showing start of today and see what fraction you get and try to stabilize the fraction by offsetting first and then put INT()

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Thanks for the detailed reply @Yongki, appreciate it :slight_smile:

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