Awesome marketplace for sale!

Take a look at this awesome marketplace

I made it for the largest university in Mexico.

Unfortunately, I cannot afford the required publicity expenditure to make it growth properly.

It reached 299 users and 79 products in tree months, with 873 clics on products details.

I am also considering to upload it as a template in @axme 's page

List of key features (it does not include all):

  • Dynamic Cash Payments
    Automatically assign sales according to a participation rate. (e. g. if there are four collaborators, you could divide the sales as you like, 60% for you and the rest 20% each or invite twenty collaborators with 5% each).

  • Store product images in AWS S3
    Upload every image to S3 and automatically delete it from ADALO DB to achieve faster loading times and optimace use of storage.

  • Advanced filters (star rating, price, name, categorý, location, name)

  • Tools for admin. (user banning, search unwanted content by keywords, automatically delete trash data, ask users to accept again the new terms of service, etc.)

If you are interested send a message, I will gladly show you any details you need.