"Back" action causes other weird uncalled actions

So I have a list of products on two pages - the “Profile” and “Saves” pages.

I have a property for the Users DB that changes according to what page Im on - so if im on the “saves” page, the property will be set to saved_products and for the “profile” page its set to vendors_products.

All works fine when navigating between the pages. But the problem comes when I click into the list item and then click the back button. Clicking the “back” button sets the property field to the previous setting (saved_products becomes vendors_products). There are no extra actions on the back button if anyone is wondering.

  • just to add - I am using the countdown action to change the property in my Users DB. And I think that its a bug because if I take away the countdown timer action, I do not face this issue

Does anyone know what’s going on?

Hopefully the video illustrates my issue clearly.

Thanks in advance for the kind help!