Stopped Sending Collection info


I have a list in (screen 1) that shows Collection A records which are a & b records.
When pressing on a record from the list it moves to another screen (screen 2), it stopped sending the record data with it!
I’ve noticed that this is happening in random way. it’s also happening for already built and done screens.

Kindly find attached pictures for more info.

Anyone experienced such issue ? Please help.


Hi @Kareem,

I would advise to look at the target screen and see what data is available there. This will be the “source of truth”.

Information about data sent on “Click actions” sometimes can be misleading, based on my experience.


Thank you for responding sir, you’ve helped me find the problem.
In the app bar of any screen I change the back arrow icon from (back) to (the specific screen name). while many screens come back to the same screen which started the record. it seams that the data is being mixed so lost somehow.

I’ve resorted the back arrows to (back) action, the needed linked data is restored correctly. But, I still have another problem now. The back arrow when action is set to (back) sometimes it causes to stuck between two screens. especially between Modal and normal ones, that’s why from the beginning I’ve started changing the back arrow action, if you have any recommendation on that I’d be thankful.

Thanks a lot sir.