<Back> Click Action drops linked data

I have these two screens:

If I click the “Add Position” button on the first screen and then decide I don’t want to add a new position, I click the back arrow to return to the Adm List Positions screen, only the list of Positions is missing.

I’ve tried making the Click Action a link as well as directly linking to the Adm List Positions screen, but the output is the same.

This is what happens:

Pretty sure what’s happening is that when “Add Position” is clicked the app ‘forgets’ the previous data (preparing to create a new record). So, there’s no linked data when it returns to the Adm List Positions screen.

I can’t work out how to link the previous data to the Adm Add Position screen so it is accessed when the back arrow is clicked (and the Position Names list is triggered)

Is there some kind of workaround for this?

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