Barcode and S3 API integration - TESTERS needed

Hi everyone,
I have made some custom APIs

  1. Barcodes - Create Barcodes and send to your collections
  2. AWS S3 (With deletion of image in Adalo, so all is stored in S3, videos and files should work same way), don’t worry, I will also make this for Integromat (For who loves this :slight_smile: ) after I complete the tests, I need a couple of testers to give me their case scenarios so I can test the API properly.
  3. Google Places Importer - Imports directly Google Places into your Adalo collection or Airtable, XANO. So you can spin off quickly an app using Google Places data (I added emails and social media as extra to the Importer).

If you have any idea that you need for flows or API let me know (I don’t do custom components, just microservices).

All these testers get a special gift :slight_smile: .

Send me a message or email to Thank you.

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This sounds very exciting! I’d love to be a tester! :slight_smile:


Great @James_App_Maker sending you a PM.

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:raised_hands: I need all those things!!!

Would love to be a tester as well!

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Awesome, I will send you PM.

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