Bearer App API Key?


Can anyone help me, I am on subscription account and where I can find this? (App’s API Key?)

Authorization: Bearer [Your App’s API Key]


Thanks for emailing us, I think we got you all set for now? Soon it’ll be available publicly.

Hi Ashley,

Can you check my email, we’ve send another request doe APP’s API Key.

For following APP:
“Kendo APP”

Thank you,

These have been sent.

Hi Ashley,

We are trying to submit the AKP file to Google store, and it shows this message,
can you show to dev guy and let us know if it’s Adalo’s APK compiler is not updated? (see screen shots)


Hi @johnou we are aware of this message with the Google store and we are working towards having this resolved, however, it is safe for you to continue the rollout with this error present.

Thanks Colin for reply. but when this notification appears, it don’t allow me to upload the APK. so…I am stuck.

Is it an update build or the first build you are rolling out?

Hi Colin, it’s the first build I am trying to upload APK, it just don’t let me progress with this warning.


Yes I believe any new apps in August might not be able to do this. We are working on a fix for this John. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Thank you, looking forward to it resolve this soon.
We have APP ready to shoot to store for client… :slight_smile:

@johnou when did you last make the apk build? I’m told that this problem has been fixed but you may need to create a new build and try the process again.

Please let me know if it works.

I was doing that just 12 hours ago.

Ok I will try again and let you in tomorrow and screenshot to you if I can get it upload to Google.


Hi Ashley,

Can you get me another API Key for “KOLO Gardens” APP.


Hi John,

Your apps api key can now be generated within the editor.

On the left navigation go to Settings. Scroll down on that new popup till you see App Access. Within that is now the option to Generate Key.

Would regenerating API key do anything to existing app/ mess up anything? (I have submitted my app to Google store last week… and I do not have the original API key… and I am currently trying to add push notification).

If you have previously had an API key produced by us then that api key would still be valid. However, if you click regenerate key then that will of course produce a new key and invalidate the one we had generated for you.

If you have lost a key, we can try to recover that for you.

Ok thanks!!!

Is this 100% confirmed? In other applications, when you regenerate an API key, it creates an entirely new key, so that would break previous implementations using the old key.

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You are right, I think my answer was not clear before. I have now updated it.