How to replace Adalo Android build with own build? (kestore file!)


I wish to replace my Adalo app (an MVP) with a coded version of my app, so it looks like an update to my users :upside_down_face:

To do this with for Android, I need the keystore file: how can I get this? :exploding_head:

I’ve sent an email to support, but as this is urgent for us, I’m posting it here as well.

Here is a post asking a similar question which didn’t get any answers

@ben1 @bhanu given your activity on other posts relating to this file I’m going ahead and tagging you :pray:

Thank you for your help!

@Jan-e from my experience, the only way to get the key store file is to reach out to Adalo Support directly and request for it.

@jessehaywood can you help with this?

Or, alternately you can write to Play Store and request them to recreate a new key store file. There’ll be some validation process to go through, but you’ll find a solution.

FYI, Google also moved away from having users upload key store file recently, next time when you upload with key store file, you’ll be prompted to let google auto-sign the package. Opt-in for it to avoid such issues

If you have a coded app, I assume you have proper developers. If that is the case and Adalo support does not get back to you by the end of business day tomorrow, and this is indeed urgent, have them email me at and I should be able to assist so you can get your app updated over the weekend. This is a last resort, Adalo support is the way to go.

I got this answer from Adalo support “Unfortunately we aren’t able to provide the Keystore files for makers at this time.”

They also explained we no longer need the keystore file for .aab files (since August 2021), but to upload my non-adalo app with the existing bundle id, that I needed to contact GooglePlay for them to change the uploading key to one we generated. Once the request is validated by Google, it takes 48h for the new uploading key to be valid, during which no APKs can’t be uploaded.

The request can be made following the answer of this stack overflow post

I am unsure what more I can add to my last post. I hope things work out for you

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