Being able to open a PDF from a list view and which list type

I want to show a list of PDFs that users can click on and open for them. I made a collection that has the name and upload of the PDF. Would I use a simple list or some other kind of list so people could see the list of PDFs in the collection and be able to click on and open them?

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Add your simple list. Set a click action to the list with the very last option “website” and set the value to the PDF file URL.

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Thank you for answering, the issue is, the PDF file is stored in my collection as a file so there is no url… at least I don’t think there is?

There is if you have the pdf record as a file parameter.

You would use Current record > pdf > url

I figured that out now, thank you for that. I have one last question. When I open the link to the PDF it doesn’t stay in the confines of the mobile view when I use preview. Is there a way to preview it on my actual mobile phone? I wanted to see how it acts opening in an actual android environment.

You can click the Share in the Editor top right corner and you can scan the Qr code from your phone send the app Url to the the phone!

And also you need to stretch the Web View component a bit to apply it to the full screen!

I figured out if I make a button and attach the link to the button, it will open the pdf, but it does it full screen. So I think I’m trying to get it to open in the adalo app in an iframe or something else like a web frame maybe? but how would I get the button to know where the pdf should open?

To apply the Web View component to the full screen you need to stretch it a bit!

I guess you could use the Better Web View component made by Pragmaflow and select HTML and add it as a iframe and apply it to the full screen!

Better Web View Component :


Instructions to Download the Better Web View Component :

I’m just trying to use a list view to select the PDF to open, and have it display in the webview. I can’t seem to figure out how to make a pdf selected in a simple list display in the webview.