PragmaFlow's Marketplace back online

For those who noticed, I have been a lot less active on the forums in the last two weeks. I see I have lot’s of unread messages that I will be getting around to now that our marketplace is back online.

Good things will be coming back.


Steven, as this is a whole new work around, would it be possible to remove the old components from our private one?

Can you please explain why i can remove the component from other peoples team? why is that possible

I honestly have no idea, if you remember last time we came back online the uninstallation process never worked. I am not sure why. You will need to contact Adalo support if you want to clean up the private libraries.

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Is the site working currently? I keep getting “Installation Failed, possibly wrong token, or you already installed it”

Also, I noticed that your Javascript component was removed very recently after I refreshed the webpage about an hour ago, is this an error or is it not coming back?

I am currently in the middle of upgrading the site. Wait 10 minutes and try again

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Alright, everything should be back to normal… or rather hopefully BETTER than normal. Lot’s of new content coming to the resource center

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what’s that?

What you see is what you get editor. Still working it out, but an HTML text editor component like the YouTube video I did a long time ago.

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Oh okay cooll

waiting for itt

Do you update the components sometimes? If so, do we need to re-install the component or do they update automatically? Just wanted to make sure I always have latest version in case you make any updates (ever).


We update components often. From everything that I have seen, if you have a component installed via the old marketplace you should still receive updates.

I am going to be adding allow and block lists to the Better WebView component, when it is done I will let you know so we can validate that updates indeed work.

@TKOTC So I noticed that your web view component now shows allow and block lists. So looks the components do update automatically which is nice to know.

What do the block and allow lists do by the way?

It matches urls and if a match is made takes an action.

Let’s says you have a survey from qualtrics for users to fill out using the webview. On the qualtrix survey there are links that if you click and click you can end up on in your app. Makes for an unprofessional app. If you make an allow list and specify, then if a user clicks on a Google link it will stop the navigation so the user stays on qualtics. The block list is the opposite. If you make a collection of porn sites, then if a user tries to go to a listed porn site it will prevent them.

Essentially the allow list says ONLY allow the webview to navigate to sites that match (contains) a given site, and block is PREVENT going to the site that is in the collection.

I’ll be adding docs to the site soon(ish)

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Is it possible to make a horizontally scrollable list? Something like Horizontal chip list but with Custom list properties…

That is really a thing that can halp a lot, but I have found no components like that…

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Hello Everyone
Might it be that the PragmaFlow marketplace is down?
I am getting the response “wrong token or already installed”. Am I doing something wrong @TKOTC ?

Thanks very much for all you are doing for the community!