Best way (in/out of Adalo) to have public user web-page (with url)

Hi all,

I’m currently investigating the best way to build a public web page with custom url that is connected to my Adalo (native) app.

The use case is creating a page on which app-users can showcase their collection and share it with the world. For example via their Instagram-bio-link.

For this I need a custom url (eg I know deeplinking doesn’t exist yet. So what would be a good way to go about this? Hoping someone else has done this before!

Cheers, Steven

Without deeplinks capabilities this is not possible.

There’s one way you could achieve something close is to keep the home screen with a single input form and let the visitor type in the username to load the user profile dynamically based on the input

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Seconded. This is not possible today.

I would not expect/rely on Adalo to handle this in the near future. If it’s a critical requirement, I’d look elsewhere.

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Thanks for your input @bhanu and @Erik!
Good to know for sure.

Getting the data from the Adalo database via api to use it in another application should be possible right?

Yes, that should be possible.

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