Adalo app with Bubble front end for custom user profiles?

HI there,

I am trying to create a web app with Adalo which I find wayy easier than bubble. Only thing is, is that it does not support deep links or custom URLs yet.

Is there a way to use Adalo for the back end and then create profile pages using Bubble with custom links?

So for example:
A user would sign up with our Adalo web app and create a product for sale. They would then get choose a custom URL to post their profile/product for sale which would direct them to front end.

I essentially just need profile web pages like “” which would just show the profile and products for sale like Linktree. Once a customer clicks a product it can redirect them to another link that doesn’t matter the URL so back to Adalo would be fine for that.

Is this possilbe? lol

Thank you!

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