Best way to filter on boolean data

I have a list of Orders, some of them are paid some not, lets say.
The Paid field is a boolean on the Orders table. As admin I can see a list of orders, but I am trying to implement a filter, like a toggle, to see only those Paid or all.
What would be the best way to achieve it?


Hi @milincheta :wave:

You can add a list and connect it to the Orders Table and set a filter Paid true/false property is true.

And you can add another list to show all orders.

Thank you

Sadly, boolean values are the most used type in development, but they are poorly supported in Adalo. Like Dilon said, you can make 2 lists and set them to sometimes visible if one is true or not. The alternative is to not use boolean database types, but text database types and only put in Y or N, or yes/no in the field rather than boolean, then you can have a work around where the Paid filter on the list is not equal to the magic text of an input field remove the border and background color and make it 0x0 in size, then you have 2 buttons labelled Paid or All, clicking on the paid button will set the input field value to ā€˜Nā€™ or empty, so paid will filter where paid is not equal to N (which is Y), and all will filter where paid is not equal to empty (which is all recorders, if implemented correctly)


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