True/false fields in a simple list

In my DB I have 3 optional fields that correspond to the payment method of a course (promotion, courtesy, etc. in true/false type fields). And I am making a consultation per course of the people who have taken them.
Two problems I have.
1.- Why don’t I get the true/false fields as an option to use them? I’m using a simple list.
2.- How can I show that field that only has a value and not the three?
This is an image of the screen and the DB.
Thanks for your support

Hi @juanjoge,
You’re going to need to move up from the simple list to a custom list to be able to do this.

What you would then consider doing is:

  1. creating the red rectangle and text saying “Type of course: Promotion” and sticking it in your list
  2. Select both the text and the rectangle and Make Group
  3. Set the visibility of that group to show only when Preco Pomocion is true.

You’d then need to do this for each of the three in the list. If you have the top of one group touching the bottom of the one above, they will occupy the same space when they are visible, so you don’t get wonky spacing.

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Great, thanks a lot, let me try and talk again about how it went :slight_smile:

Hi @juanjoge,
How can you make the true/false section to fill the tick for you? I don’t know how to achieve that although I tried to use Simple List. Thank you.

Hi @do2digital,

Just my 2 cents - I’m not sure you can use True/False fields in the Simple List.

Indeed, it would need to be a custom list.