Multiple list filter questions

Hello Adalo team and other users! I’ve been working with ways to create multiple filters on a list from input, dropdowns and date pickers on a separate screen. On one screen is the list and on another screen are the filter conditions that a user can input.
1 - My first problem is that I can’t find a way to reset the dropdown to Empty value using a button (clear filter button).
2 - Is there a conditional way to apply filter?
3 - Is there an empty value for the DatePicker?

Thanks for anyone’s input. Also, if someone knows a simpler way to create a filter screen, I am interested.
Thank you!

These sound like great feature suggestions. You can submit them at

As a workaround for conditionally applying a filter, you could achieve that by having multiple lists (one with a filter and one without) and setting visibility conditions on the lists.

I’ll check the feature requests - Thanks for the quick response and the multiple list suggestion!
Thanks again!