Best way to host lots of images

I’m trying to learn about the best option(s) for hosting / displaying lots of images.
(I find it hard to believe this hasn’t been covered before. I searched. Couldn’t find. So, sorry ahead of time if it offends someone. lol)

Should I host them on Adalo, Airtable, or ?
I am currently reading this:

To be honest, I am still wrapping my head around the terminology, what it means, can it do what I am looking for it to do. I would think, yes. Unsure though.

I have a lot of images. Possibly hundreds to thousands, eventually.

I, the developer, will be supplying the photos. (possibly users… depending)
The images will be approx 100 x 100px, displayed in a list, 2 or 3 images wide
The list also has a filter I built following a tutorial from @Victor (great, by the way)

From what I am reading, and understand, from the Adalo link above, so far, is that I would have to physically go in and link each image from Airtable to Adalo, one-by-one. Is this true? (Perhaps that is what the second part of the linked article is trying to explain, and I am just not picking it up)

What the best way to go about this? Maybe it’s better to just use Adalo? Thanks.

Oh I feel you. Had to upload a product list with images for a client before but I hosted the images on google drive and created a tutorial for bulk uploading images using google spreadsheets to bulk generate the links. I can do something similar for Airtable I think it’s overdue, actually.


I’m in no way insinuating anything, lol.

I think, I may just use Adalo as much as possible.
Especially, if it’s possible, to download the CSV

Hi @Toddy,

Adalo stores images in AWS S3 and uses ImgIX as an image delivery platform. I’d say, ImgIX provides quite a lot of interesting options using their API: How to manipulate images in Adalo with ImgIX
The limitation here is that you can upload images only using Adalo app or builder interface; no uploads via API is possible.

There are some alternatives, for example, Cloudinary or For example, see the thread here: Downloading images from an Adalo collection
I remember @karimoo was using Cloudinary a lot (you can search his posts in the forum - he’s no longer active here), and @JL_LJ was using ImageKit.

Also maybe @theadaloguy can give an advice - he has created where you can store files in S3.

Best regards, Victor.


Thank you for explaining some options. Much appreciated, Victor! Sent you a message.

In some ways I think this is a good idea, and I think I’ve heard @Victor express similar thoughts before.

If Adalo on its own does what you need it to do, don’t worry about hosting elsewhere.

There’s no need to host images elsewhere unless you’re coming across an issue that forces you to do so.

I don’t want to give one-size-fits-all advice, but it sounds to me that hosting images on Adalo is a good choice for you.

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Yep, makes sense. Thank you!

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