How to manipulate images in Adalo with ImgIX

Hi there,

Some video how to use ImgIX API to manipulate images in Adalo. You can adjust a lot of parameters for the images: quality, size, blur, orientation, … - almost everything which ImgIX allows!

I can’t say this is an “official” method to manipulate images, though according to my knowledge ImgIX is the only CDN used for images in Adalo. Enjoy!



Hi @Victor,
Quite interesting since I made tests with AWSs3 being served via Imagekit (I will make a video soon).

When using Geolocation it gives me the Adalo server location in US; so I assume using Adalo’s Platform, my ImageKit CDN will still serve the Image to US while then Adalo showing in Frontend to someone in Asia/Europe and so on. Wondering if they will fix this once geolocation is also available.

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Hi @JL_LJ,

Please share the video reg. AWS S3 + ImageKit, that will be useful!


Thank you @Victor for this info, again. :pray:
I was trying to apply it in order to download QR Codes (How to download (save local) QR code generated image?) but &dl function does not interpret the QR URL as an image.
Do you have any idea of a another workaround that may allow to download the QR?
Thank you!