Best way to include users in an event

Hi everyone!. In my app the users can create group of users. this group of users than can be called to events.

When the event is created the event screen shows all group’s users , and the users can confirm if he/she Will go to the event.

At first time i used to include all the users of the group into the field “convocados”. Then, in the event screen, I showed all the users included in this field.

But It takes a lot of time if you have a lot of users in the group of users.

To avoid this, i thought that i could create the event but not include the users in the convocados field. I only will show the users, and the users Who confirms that Will go to the event.

It works, but It seems to take more time than the first option.

What i am doing bad?

Hey Larguitto,
How long are we talking? 5 seconds? 20 seconds?

Some screenshot of the collections, relationships and screens with their lists would help understand. Or a

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Hi Rozza. I fixed it creating the screen again. Now is faster. I don´t know why xD