Problem for show data in list

Good afternoon friends.

I am trying to create a relationship in the database and a list showing this relationship.

I have a collection of users and one of events. An event can have multiple users and a user can have multiple events.

When I set up the list, I choose the data source to be the users collection.

I can show the name of the user, but not the name of the event that is saved in the event collection and if I change the data source to the event collection, I can show the name of the event, but not the user to whom it is related.

Could someone explain to me how I can show the name of the user who created the event and at the same time the name of the event if they are stored in two different collections, but related to each other.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi, this depends on your relationships between users and events. With your current setup it sounds like each user could have multiple events, which is why you’re not able to show a single event’s title. If you’re using Custom Lists, you can add another list inside the main list (list within list) and then use the inner list to show the list of events for that user.

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