Best way to incorporate template or cloneable app into existing app

Maybe I’m missing something here. I am in the process of building my app, so I already have it in the editor.

But there are many features and functions available in other templates or cloneable apps.

The only way I can see to add those features is to select “create new app” in the editor. That essentially starts a whole new app project adjacent to, but not part of, my existing app.

Is that the right way to start? Then, do I have to copy and paste from that new project into my existing project? Or is there a way to skip the whole “new app” step and just install the new template directly into my existing app in the editor? I hope I’m asking this question correctly.

Thanks as always!

Yea it’ll be a whole new app to start and you can copy and paste to your excising app. I too haven’t found a way to skip this step. But it’s also good because for future projects you’ll have the clone-able kits ready to go.

Thanks. Last question (maybe):

Is it possible to copy/paste multiple screens at once, or do I have to do each one separately?

Actually I have one more question:

After I copy the screens from the other project, can I also copy the collections, relationships, etc, or do I have to recreate them in my existing app?

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