How to add clone kit into existing app?


How to I add a cloned kit or feature into my existing app? When I go to clone it, they create a new app entirely on my dashboard and I don’t want that. Just want to add the navigation clone for example, into my current app.


you only have a single opportunity to use the USER collection for both.
When creating/cloning choose : Share (existing) BD.
Once you pass this step, you cannot come back and your new App will never be link-able to the existing one… :cold_face:

@brandonwebdesign see this video at this timestamp: Templates & Cloneable Kits in Adalo - YouTube
You can copy/paste between apps so if the cloneable kit is just navigation screens it will indeed create a new app in your account but you can go into that and copy the assets you want from there and paste them into your target app.

This all presumes you just need components and not the underlying collections otherwise @bibipac is correct that you have to treat it as an app template and you can only build from one (ie. not possible to merge multiple app templates that I’m aware of).

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advanced options

Selecting : “Advanced Options” …at creation time…

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ahhh awesome. So you can in fact “merge” collections to an existing app. So it’s only a common table like User where there would be a conflict and you’d have one shot at it from scratch? I stand corrected on that. Thx @bibipac for clarifying

“Merge” - may - in that case be misleading (though i have never tested merging existing data from an external source / zapier ?)…
…rather - as I see it from here - all existing Members from AppA USER collections (and other existing data in collections) are instantly available to the newly created AppB… not a real Merge if AppB is brand new and therefore has no data at all, just screens… So if you had Existing records in Some AppB, you still wont be able to “Merge” it to the AppA content. - only work around, Export to CSV from AppB and import again to AppA Collection to merge all that… Still doable.

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