Integrate an App template into an existing App

Is there a way to pick say a chat App template, and integrate it into your existing App rather than needing to build a whole chat set in your existing App?

Hey there @solomon

Yes, you can.

You can copy and paste screens from a template into an existing app.

You will need to manually create the database collections for the new features that you plan to implement. You will also need to relink screens.

Oh Ok. Great! I appreciate the response.

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is there a great group chat template that you know of that you can point me to? I’ll look but just curious.

I’m currently making a chat app template to sell on my website but it’s not quite ready just yet and I didn’t quite think about “group chat” but I think this is easily doable where I’m at with it now.

I plan on having the template ready for sale by the end of the week and it will have a ton of useful features that I feel the free Adalo chat is missing.

Things like trimming whitespace, expanding message rectangle based on character count, capitalizing names, displaying user initials instead of profile picture when user doesn’t have a profile pic, sending messages/notifications in the background so that the message appears faster and then performs notifications, and “typing” bubbles.

great. I’ll probably be your first customer if it’s priced right :wink:. Do I get a discount?

Maaaan. Lol.

Maybe. I have to implement a way to discount templates on my website first, like coupon codes.

I’ll get back to you on that.

In the meantime, you can see all of the templates we already have up for sale here:

you know, it’s funny but I was just about to ask you if you were Templar Designs. LOL. I guessed right. I’ll check out your site. I have actually check it out before. Going to do that right now.

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Trying to get all the branding to be cohesive everywhere so I’m glad that you were able to make the connection :wink:

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I gotta say: the Learning template is well done. I’ve gone through it all. I may get it and combine it with some other App. Great job!

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Thank ya

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There are a few ways to go about integrating an App template into an existing App. One way is to use the template as a foundation and build on top of it, customizing it to fit your specific needs. Another way is to use the template as is, importing the files and making any necessary changes to get it up and running. Finally, you can also find pre-built integrations that will help you quickly and easily add the functionality of the App template into your existing App. Whichever route you choose, make sure to test everything out thoroughly before going live.

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