Biometric login using FaceId, TouchId, or pin

I released the code for a component that will allow you to use your phones biometric login, if it is supported and you have configured it. This way rather than typing in your username and password you can use your biometric sensors to log in.

Source code available here:

And a video walkthrough/tutorial can be found here:



These components are great, perhaps @James_App_Maker can add into his web of library of components.

As I remember, there are geolocation, geofilter, deep link and now biometric, could be others though.

Are you planning to sell this through private component like other custom component developer ? or maybe showcase in public previewer so others can experience it.


Thanks @Yongki. :slight_smile:

I will definitely add @TKOTC’s components to the showcase. :slightly_smiling_face:


These are all free and open source for anyone to use, no payment needed. If you want to use a component but you are not comfortable deploying privately feeel free to let me know and you can add me to your project and I can install it for you. If someone wants us to professionally implement them in their app we charge for service, but as far as using the components and asking for help it will be free for life.

I will need to check if there is more than you listed, I feel like there are but I cannot remember.

Also, there are much more to come, I just want to space the delivery out to at least a few days. The next one, I think, will be local storage that let’s you store key/value pairs directly on the phone. I have used this in the past for onboarding pre-login before you can save a user, but there are many more applications of using local storage. This way you can show a welcome flow before a user logins in, only the first time they open your app. After that, I need to think about which I should release


These are awesome.

Local storage would be wonderful, maybe if the network is offline, we can use that to show important info for users.

How about voice recording and video recording as it will ask permission for microphone ?

I have lost potential client because of this.

The more functionality that Adalo have the less churn they get, the last piece would be better hosting for better performance along with indexes or other current untouchable little features. People will come back.

Funny you should mention voice and video. That was on the short list of next items that we were (internal pragmaflow) talking about this morning. No network available messages/flows hit the short list as well. Gesture recognition and screen orientation was there as well.

When it comes to open-sourcing items though, it is not a trivial decision that I take lightly. We understand that lots of people do rely on private components to make a living, or at least a profit and we do not want to take anything away from them, so we avoid releasing items others have built. We also understand that people have components the reuse on contracts, like video calling, so we also want to avoid that.

Our decision on releasing components is currently based on feature requests that have high demand without someone providing a solution (paid or unpaid).

Outside of that, we are game to release what the community needs!!


Nice gesture. :grinning:

Different condition require different approach, nice that you are in this spot.

Nice! Of course, I hope no component developer just pick up those codes, wrap up and sell.

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@TKOTC can you help me to install in my adalo dashboard component please?


how does this work if the user if using the ‘Continue with Google or Apple’ option. Also can the biometric sign in be called when a user wants to access sensitive information?


how does this work if the user if using the ‘Continue with Google or Apple’ option. Also can the biometric sign in be called when a user wants to access sensitive information?


Hey @TKOTC - nudge about the above :slight_smile: