Date showing with extra message

I have a date field for user date of birth. Problem is that when I want to show the date of birth showing the total age(years) of the user with “YEARS AGO” text.
In database field date is: 04/11/1982
Showing: 38 years ago

I couldn’t find the solution. Please help me out!!

You can use a magic text custom formula for that. The formula would be something like Current Time/365 - Birthdate/365

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@Ben I couldn’t solve this. Can you please help me in more details. when I’m applying Current Time/365 - Birthdate/365 in the field there is showing "38 years ago /365"


Click on the date (user date of birth), it will give you more options.

Thanks a lot buddy!! :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

Also to have a math inside of a text component like that you first need to choose “New Formula” from the Magic Text menu