Date of birth form - how to enable typing


I want to make a simple form that includes the date of birth for users to fill in.

But within the form, when using “date picker” format, I have to scroll a long time to go back to years, which is very annoying and inconvenient.

When using the “Date Text Input”, the time field is showing up, which I don’t need.

When using a manually added “text input” box plus a button, I can’t make multiple fields compulsory and with a notification when users submit it.

Also, how can I limit the date selection to make sure it has to be over 18? I’m thinking of making 3 selection lists, but if it’s Feb, how can I not allow users to choose 30, 31 as their day?

Any solutions?
I thought this should be a basic function.

Thank you

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One way to do this would be only make month dropdown visible if day is not empty, and only show year dropdown if month is not empty, and only show submit button if year is not empty.

Therefore they have to fill them all in before proceeding.

Now the rest i’m not 100% sure about but you could do a custom formula to convert the days, months, and year to seconds and then subtract from current time. If the difference is over 568024668 seconds, they are 18.

Thank you very much for the quick response. If I make the “visible if” for every box, then say I have 20 other boxes for users to fill in as compulsory. They fill one box, then another pop out, then another, then another, that looks very odd…

Almost every app we use currently have this function, just wondering isn’t there a simple solution?

Also when it comes to address for users to fill in, every app I use it has a auto-fill function where users can type a few letters then the rest of the address will pop out automatically. But I think there’s no such function in Adalo, right?..

My browser and phone are often autopopulating fields on my Adalo apps, so i think that happens automatically depending on the user’s own settings.

In terms of having lots of boxes popping up that would be odd, but the rest where this isn’t a problem can be in a normal form which will validate if the field is empty or not.

Also i don’t know if this will come in useful as I still didn’t explore it, but there is an input validator component available from Maybe @Michael can let you know if this tool will be useful for you.

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Thank you. I tested again. And find that the problem is with Android phones, where when you select the date, one swipe can only go back one month. If you want to go back to 20 years ago, you need to swipe 240 times…which is crazy.

But iphone doesn’t have this problem. iphone can choose year, month and day.

I’ll go and try that nocodemonkey and see if it works.

For the address, it needs to link to google map, which I checked that it doesn’t have this function yet. hopefully there will be in the future.

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Thanks @theadaloguy,

@JasonT If you have any questions feel free to DM me.
I’ll help you out however I can.

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