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Anyone know how to create a blocked list, using a new collection separate from the users collection?

Please let me know i’m so stuck !

You could create an action to take the information from a current user populate a new list then delete the current user. this would stop the user from having access to any personal files if you moved him back into the user list at a separate date. Can you not add a new field to your current user list called blocked and have it be a true/false. would make sorting and access much easier on you I would think?

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Sorry to interfere :slight_smile:

I would use the “Blocked” field, as @rjp suggested. One important note - in my experience, checking such field only at login will not help, if the user is already in the app/website. So if you want to block user immediately, you will need to implement the checks on each screen and redirect blocked user somewhere. I’ve faced similar problem when I was doing admin console for one app.

Removing the user IMHO is not the best solution - this may result in unexpected behaviour (imagine, you have some screen where user modifies some DB record - and suddenly there is no user ID; what will happen?).

Just my 2 cents

I agree with @Victor. The permission system is not robust with Adalo so you need to check on every screen

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