App Store: Reporting & Blocking Users


Does anyone know how to create 1. report a user/post and 2. block a user functions in Adalo?

Apple Store told me to incorporate these functions, so I’m trying to have these done today, so that I could resubmit a new build.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Many thanks,


1 you can make a report database the report and when someone what to report a post there fills out that form then you take action on the report 2 there are 2 ways the simple way is to make a true/false in the user database called block and go to the login and home screen and add a screen action send them to a “your blocked” page if Block=True. the better and more advanced way is to make a new database that you add has a relation to the users and an “end Blocked Time” Date that you give data to when the user will be unblocked here is some photos.

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