How to create a block user function in adalo

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When i want to publish my app on app store, it required me to create a block user button, i couldn’t find any tutorials on how to build it, is there anyways i can do this?

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Hi Max,

These posts can help you!

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Hi i have check your video i think is really helpful but i still have some parts about the filtering I couldn’t do, you mind helping me a little bit further? Thanks!

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The system I have is about having 2 user-to-user relationships (many-to-many), 1 called “user blocked by” and the other “user blocked”. When blocking a user, you must include the logged in user in “user blocked by” and the user that is blocked in “user blocked”. You put 2 filters on the lists, with “user blocked by” does not contain “logged in user”, and “user blocked” does not contain “logged in user”, and that’s it. This way neither of the 2 users can see each other.

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