Blog in adalo app

Hello everyone!
I’m still learning how to use adalo, but I don’t see the right method to integrate a blog inside my application.
I haven’t seen a component that does this, so I’m evaluating external tools.
At the moment, I’ve thought of using, but I think I’m missing something…
How do you recommend me to make the blog in my adalo app?

What’s the use case for this? You want blog posts to show in the app?

If your posts are already in Notion, you could use the Notion API (directly maybe or via Zapier) to integrate.

If they aren’t you could make the blog posts in the Adalo collection DB.

Thank you for your response, @Erik .
So far I have used goodbarber to develop applications for small businesses and professionals.
Goodbarber is very good visually, but lacks some more technical qualities.
That’s why I want to start developing with Adalo.
Goodbarber integrates its own blog which works very well and some of my clients use it.
So, if I switch builders, they should be able to continue blogging with it.
The option of using Adalo collections doesn’t seem interesting to me because the text editor is very simple.
Regarding using the Notion API…I don’t know how to do it.
My question was oriented towards what external tool I can use to integrate into adalo via web view.

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