Can anyone provide me a quick tutorial as I can't find anything on the subject anywhere?

I am creating an app where users can post their own blog posts that will then be displayed for everyone to see. In the blog post I would like the user to be able to post an image anywhere within the blog, so for example, they write a few lines then post an image, then can write another paragraph or so then post another image and so on. Adalo does not seem to have this feature and it seems like a deal breaker to me. Hoping somone can help me out and give me a detailed explanation (maybe even with images) on how to achieve this. I would be very grateful!!!

If not I might have to change software, even though everything else seems perfect. :frowning:

Hiya, have you looked through any of the kits and such?

Hi Paul,

This new video by @theadaloguy might be helpful.


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